Best Electric Shavers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a single product is really a tough job when you have a lot of options to choose from. That’s why we have compiled a list of Top 10 Best Electric Shavers 2017. So you can have a look at the best and choose the one which suits your skin type and facial hairs.

There are plenty of out there, few are good when it comes to close shaving while few are good at comfortable shaving. Which one should you choose? We’ll figure it out soon!

Best Electric Shavers 2017

It is a very personal decision when it comes to choosing an electric shaver. To be honest there is not actually any best electric shaver which I can recommend you.

What may suit one person might not suit another person.

There are a number of factors to be considered before purchasing an electric shaver. Those factors are shaver’s nature, features, style, design, and comfort. That’s why it is not going to be an easy decision. Our top 10 list takes a look at the Best Electric Shavers available, from the shaving experience to the comfort level. And this list will help you to choose the electric shaver which suits you the most. I recommend you to read our Electric Shaver Buying guide below before making a purchase.

Below is the table which shows the top 10 best electric shavers 2017. Each and every shaver is chosen by our specialist reviewers.

Shaver Name WeightWet/DryNature 
[amazon_textlink asin='B003YJAZZ4' text='Braun Series 7 790cc (Editor’s Choice)' template='ProductLink']200 grams
NoFoil[amazon_textlink asin='B003YJAZZ4' text='Check Price' template='AzRevButtonLink']
[amazon_textlink asin='B012DITQYM' text='Braun Series 9 9095cc' template='ProductLink']225 gramsYesFoil[amazon_textlink asin='B012DITQYM' text='Check Price' template='AzRevButtonLink']
[amazon_textlink asin='B005DKKBP6' text='Panasonic Arc 5 (Editor’s Choice)' template='ProductLink']180 gramsYesFoil[amazon_textlink asin='B005DKKBP6' text='Check Price' template='AzRevButtonLink']

1. Braun Series 7 790CC – Rocking the market since 2010

[amazon_textlink asin='B003YJAZZ4' text='' template='AzRevLinkCustomImage'][amazon_textlink asin='B003YJAZZ4' text='Check Price' template='AzRevButtonLink']
Our first electric shaver in this series comes all the way from German Tech Industry known as Braun. The Braun series 7 is no doubt the most popular series ever built by this company and the model 790cc is the most sold electric shaver of all time. Undoubtedly, it is still the best electric shaver out there and number 1 in our list. Enough Praise, let’s get into the business now.

The shaver provides amazingly close and smooth shave as compared to others in our lineup. Series 7 790cc is quite different in terms of features from other electric shavers. The face of this electric shaver has 3 trimmers. Two of them are called “OptiFoil” while the one within the other two, is called “ActiveLift”.

The OptiFoil trimmers help the electric shaver to cover more facial hairs in fewer strokes while the ActiveLift helps to cut out the short and in-grown hairs. Not to forget that this is a Pulsonic electric shaver, which produces 10,000 micro vibrations per minute, which helps the shaver to capture more and more hairs in each stroke.

The head of Braun 790cc is very flexible and can easily move around the contours of your face. The shaver comes with an alcohol based Cleaning and Charging Dock., which can kill the 99% of the germs with the help of a single button. Other than that, there are 3 personalization modes available in this advanced electric shaver known as Normal, Intensive, and Extra Sensitive. You can choose the mode according to your skin type and hairs. There is also a pop-up trimmer for trimming beards, mustache, and sideburns.

The only downside in this electric shaver is that it is missing Wet&Dry Technology. However, this feature is available in the other variant of Braun Series 7, known as Braun 799cc which is quite expensive.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Flexible and Pivoting Head
  • Personalization Modes
  • Solid Built Quality
  • Automatic cleaning and charging dock


  • Absense of Wet&Dry Technology

2. Braun Series 9 9095CC – The latest launched electric shaver of Braun

[amazon_textlink asin='B012DITQYM' text='' template='AzRevLinkCustomImage'][amazon_textlink asin='B012DITQYM' text='Check Price' template='AzRevButtonLink']
The next one in our list is also from the Braun. This is the latest electric shaver series launched by Braun and our favorite model in this list is Braun 9095CC.

The electric shaver is covered up with all of the shiny chrome plastic, which looks cool!

This electric shaver works in the same way as the above 790cc, the only difference is that 9095cc contains one extra trimmer known as “Direct & Cut”. This extra trimmer helps the shaver to align the hairs which grow in different directions and then cut those out. Other than that, the ActiveLift trimmer from 790cc is replaced by HyperLift Trimmer which is a bit more advanced and helps to cut out the flat hairs.

Braun 9095 Pulsonic shaver produce 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute, please don’t mix it up with the 10,000 micro vibrations of 790cc. It provides a bit more close shave than 790cc, the difference is not that much to amaze. Pop-up trimmer is also there.

The only downside in this electric shaver is that it is missing Wet&Dry Technology. However, this feature is available in the other variant of Braun Series 7, known as Braun 799cc which is quite expensive.

Braun series 9 9095cc has all of the features of 790cc and it also has the Wet&Dry technology, which helps the user to use this electric shaver either on dry skin or with shaving gel for sensitive skin.

I recommend you to read this review if you want to have a look at the comparison of Braun Series 7 and Braun Series 9.

Wrapping it up, the braun series 9 9095 has all of the great features including Wet&Dry technology which was missing in the above 790cc. It contains one extra trimmer which helps to cut down the hairs which grow in multiple directions. On the other hand, the down side of this shaver is that it is all plastic and very expensive.


  • Addition of an extra trimmer called “Direct & Cut”
  • Close shaving experience
  • 40,000 Cross cutting actions
  • Presence of Wet&Dry Technology


  • Poor built quality (All Plastic)
  • Very expensive (More than double of 790cc)

3. Panasonic Arc 5 – Best Electric Razor for Close shaving

[amazon_textlink asin='B005DKKBP6' text='' template='AzRevLinkCustomImage'][amazon_textlink asin='B005DKKBP6' text='Check Price' template='AzRevButtonLink']
When it comes to close shaving, no one in the market can beat Panasonic Arc 5. If you are about to return on manual razors, just because your electric shaver is failed to provide you with the close shaving, then give it a try and you will change your decision.

Panasonic is a Japanese brand and compromises nothing over quality. Arc 5 is foil shaver in nature and contains 5 blades which provide extremely close shave. This is the best electric shaver for the people who have thick and heavy beards. There is a LED panel which keeps you updated with the battery life and it also comes with the cleaning and charging dock. Panasonic Arc 5 contains a 14,000 CPM linear motor, which is designed to prevent tugging and pulling which you might have faced in the cheap shavers out there. Just like the Braun, a side trimmer is also available in this electric shaver to help you trimming your mustache and beard.

The shaver contains five foils of 3 different types.

  • Three Slit Foils are there which helps to cut out all of the long and bulky hairs.
  • One Lift-Tech trimmer helps to capture the flat lying hairs and ingrown hairs.
  • One Finishing foil is there to cut out all of the hairs which grow in different directions and missed by the other 4 trimmers.
Everything about this shaver is great. But I couldn’t find this electric shaver comfortable as compared to others. The head of this shaver feels bulky and big enough. It wasn’t reaching my neck properly. I got a very sensitive skin and that’s why I prefer comfortable shavers over close shavers. If you are getting the desired results already from your current electric shaver and you don’t have a very thick beard, then I recommend you to not to go with Arc 5. Instead, have a look at Arc 4 below.

The performance of this electric shaver is absolutely fantastic. There is no doubt that this electric shaver is the best electric shaver, ever built by Panasonic. However, it is missing one of the most important factors “Comfortability”. I still want to remind you that this is my personal opinion and I have a sensitive skin and maybe that’s the reason it didn’t suit me. This electric shaver might suit you, so you can either go for it or not. It’s up to you.

It is listed on 3rd number for a reason!


  • Best Electric razor for close shaving
  • Pivoting head and 5 trimmers in head
  • Good for thick and heavy beards
  • Wet&Dry Electric Shaver


  • Itchy and not good for sensitive skins
  • The shaver is not that much great when it comes to comfortability





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